Kerala Engineering Graduates Association of Northeast America Inc.


Professional Affairs

The Professional Affairs committee organizes and conducts professional activities such as seminars and mentoring services in the United States and Kerala. Every year, the committee recognizes an engineer as ‘The Engineer of the Year’. The committee also recognizes high school graduates from its member’s family and special recognition is given to those who pursue their career and education in engineering.

Regional Meetings

Regional Meeting will be held annually  to give members a chance to express their ideas/needs, meet and discuss common challenges, provide an update on KEAN’s objectives, to review new technologies and to discuss issues affecting our industry.

Student Outreach

Student Outreach committee engages with students in the United States and India. KEAN offers peer mentoring, specialized online programs, financial aid for deserving engineering students, support and guidance for student projects.

KEAN officials frequently visit Engineering Colleges in India and conduct technical knowledge sharing sessions with the students and faculty.


Social and Cultural

The social and cultural activities committee organizes family nights, picnic etc. Performances by KEAN members makes these events memorable. It is a great opportunity to meet new friends and renew friendship.


2020 Event Calendar will be posted soon


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