Kerala Engineering Graduates Association of Northeast America Inc.


By joining KEAN, you can take great satisfaction knowing that you play an important role in reaching for our vision of contributing to the common welfare of fellow human beings. Connect with your peers to stay up to date on the latest engineering news, and share your thoughts on industry topics.

KEAN provides scholarships to deserving students in India. Because of the platform of KEAN, families are living with a hope in the future. Yes, KEAN gives hope in their hopelessness. Be a KEAN member today and begin participating in the KEAN Charity programs.

KEAN helps Engineering students develop their professional identity by offering access to diverse activities such as Career Counseling, Webinars for Career Development, competitions, scholarships &Volunteer support for Engineering Job seekers. KEAN offers Career Guidance to High School students and other programs that will support them through their years in school. Be a member and volunteer in the KEAN student Outreach programs.

KEAN membership features full access to a host of career-enhancing benefits and recognition of outstanding students. Student Achievement award is presented to the children of KEAN members who are freshmen in college or seniors in high school who have achievements in studies and extracurricular activities Learn more about your membership options.


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