Kerala Engineering Graduates Association of Northeast America Inc.

KEAN Scholarships

KEAN provides scholarships to deserving engineering students in Kerala to promote quality education and overall student development. Every year applications are received from various colleges in Kerala and thoroughly reviewed to select students based on need and academic excellence.
Started with 14 scholarships across 8 colleges in 2009 has grown to 104 scholarships across 8 colleges by 2018. We continue to grow the program and be part of empowering our new generation with skills and knowledge required to succeed in their career.
The current contribution for sponsoring the education of an engineering or  technology (BE/B Tech) student is $1000.00 per student.  This amount can be paid in one single lump sum payment of $1000.00 or four annual installments of $250.00.
Sponsor’s preferences of adopting student(s) from a specific  educational institution  in Kerala, India or other preferences can be instituted. 100% of the donor contribution is used for scholarship for the sponsored students.
Sponsors are also kept informed on the progress of the students whose education they are sponsoring under the Program.
Our scholarship program has been received very well by the students and professors. It is a great way to connect the alumni with the institutions they graduated from, and to encourage them to give back to the community they benefited from.
We encourage each scholarship recipient from KEAN to support at least two more students once he/she has the capacity to do so. This model ensures that the current scholars go on to become future donors.

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