Kerala Engineering Graduates Association of Northeast America Inc.

KEAN Awards

Engineer of the Year Award

Engineer of the Year Award is the distinguished award given by KEAN, and is presented annually to honor an Engineer who has made an outstanding accomplishment in a field of Engineering.

Teacher of the Year Award

Teacher of the Year award is presented annually to honor a Professor from Engineering Colleges in Kerala who has made outstanding contributions to academics and overall student development, and emerge as a role model for others to follow.

Student Organization Award for Environmental & Social Initiatives

The intend of the award is to promote student involvement in socially and environmentally responsible initiatives in Kerala. It is presented to student organizations that are working to protect public health and the environment.

Student Achievement Award & Scholarships

Student Achievement award is presented to the children of KEAN members who are freshmen in college or seniors in high school who have achievements in studies and extracurricular activities . The awards are given to a select number of students based on criteria including GPA, SAT score, extracurricular activities and achievements.

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